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When your dentist says, your dental pulp got infected or inflamed, you might require Root Canal treatment. The severe dental treatment is often suggested when your tooth:

  • Causes unbearable pain to you
  • Gets abscessed
  • Gets deep cavity
  • Experiences repeated dental treatments
  • Bears severe traumatic incident, or
  • Has a fracture

These are some of the common reasons due to which your general dentist has suggested you Root canal in Forest Hills. We at Apple Dental Health Services, P.C. offer dependable and effective services for this dental treatment. We have a professional and qualified team for Root Canal treatment who uses latest technology and equipment to perform this dental surgery.

In Root Canal, our skilled and practiced Endodontist removes the infected, inflamed or dead pulp from the tooth. Endodontist is the dentist having expertise in the field of Endodontics focused specifically on the cures of dental pulp problems.

After removing the infected pulp, our Endodontist in Forest Hills makes sure that the tooth is properly disinfected and cleaned from within. Once confirmed with the cleanliness, the dental expert fills and preserves the operated tooth with a rubber-like material. Later, dental crown is placed over the tooth to restore it. After this, your tooth is ready to continue its functioning like other natural teeth.

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