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Lumineers Testimonials

Dentists and patients are raving about LUMINEERS!

“I have never been happy with my smile. I have placed several LUMINEERS cases in my practice over the last few months, and the question I always got from patients was, ‘Where are your LUMINEERS?’ Now I can show them my beautiful new LUMINEERS Smile and personally testify that the placement is painless, and my tooth structure is still intact.” -Dr. Leslie Granger


“I have my before-and-after photos hung up in each operatory. I get lots of compliments, and this gives me lots of opportunities to discuss LUMINEERS with my patients! I can’t think of a better selling tool than having LUMINEERS myself.” -Dr. Holmberg

“Because of the non-invasive approach, I am offering a holistic, homeopathic approach for permanently changing peoples smiles and lives. I have never felt more energized in fifteen years of practicing general dentistry.” -Dr. Harnois

“A patient of ours saw my wife’s LUMINEERS and said she wanted her teeth to look just like my wife’s. We completed her LUMINEERS case and she was so happy she hugged me and kissed both me and my wife, and also cried with joy. She says the LUMINEERS have changed her life for the better!” -Dr. Anderson

mary“I have patients who, once you put the LUMINEERS on, cry, scream, jump, holler, they are absolutely floored. Some patients have been waiting 50-60 years for perfect teeth, and when you put these on and there is no pain and no problems, and they are gorgeous before they leave, they have been overly satisfied.” -Dr. Mary Churchman

“LUMINEERS enable me to create beautiful new smiles from slightly malaligned, rotated, chipped and discolored teeth. They are fantastic for closing diastemas. All this with no shots, no anesthesia and with minimal tooth preparation, if any. LUMINEERS helps us provide a wonderful and valuable service to patients.” -Dr. Franceschi

w bayne

“My teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold, but the process of putting the LUMINEERS on was absolutely painless. It was fantastic. I am still surprised that there was no pain involved. I would not have gotten the LUMINEERS if it meant grinding. I think some people used to think that I was a little cold because I would not smile with a full smile. Now I can, and I don’t feel inhibited in any way.” -W. Bayne

“After my car accident in January 2006, I feared my smile would never be the same again. Now with LUMINEERS, my broken and discolored teeth are not only more beautiful and whiter, but they have been straightened so that they won’t break further in the future.” -P. Rose

w bayne

“I have always had a gap in between my teeth and it really bothered me. That is why when I saw the magazine ad for LUMINEERS, I really pursued it. I wanted a dramatic white smile because, with my dark complexion and with a really white smile, I would stand out. I received eight LUMINEERS and I can’t stop smiling. If it had involved shots, drilling or reducing my normal tooth structure, I never, ever would have even considered anything like traditional veneers.” -T. Badillo

“I chose to get LUMINEERS because I use to drink a lot of coffee so my teeth were yellowing. I also had some grind spots that really showed. When I went to my dentist, he said, “You know, we really need to do something about this.” I kept putting it off and putting it off. I began watching all the ads and saw LUMINEERS. Now my teeth are all nice and straight and it is phenomenal. My confidence has gone way up.” -O. Stinn

w bayne The one thing that I am really excited about with LUMINEERS is that they don’t have to be specially treated. With LUMINEERS, I can just brush my teeth and go, which is a wonderful thing because I know if I had traditional veneers or other procedures that would require extra attention, I probably would not carry through. However, with LUMINEERS, all I have to do is brush and floss my teeth like they were just my normal teeth and I am good to go. It makes me feel so good now. With LUMINEERS I can’t stop grinning. I am grinning ear to ear!” -M. La Flamme


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