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Preparing for your Infant’s Dental Visits

A growing number of new mothers are finding value in investing time and resources for age 1 dental care for their children. The objective behind this exercise is to understand the position of your child’s dental health and to learn how to best care for his or her unique needs before any problems occur.

A large number of problems can be prevented and easily treated if diagnosed early. However, before you take your infant to any dental facility, it is important for you to trust its reliability and reputation.

The best way to prepare yourself and your child for the first visit is by making a list of things you would want to know, what your expectations are and what you are looking for. Assess the dental facility and the dentist 11375 on the basis of the following criterions-

  • Is it child and parent friendly?
  • Are they knowledgeable about 1 year olds and their oral needs?
  • How responsive are they to you?
  • Are they gentle and kind to the child when he or she creates a fuss?
  • Are they able to meet the special needs of your child?
  • How specific are they with their advice? Are they willing to demonstrate?

You also need to assess how responsive the facility is to dental emergencies for your child.

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