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Sapphire Take-Home Whitening

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Sapphire Home Whitening 3 Minutes per day is all it takes!

Other systems require 30 minutes a day, while Sapphire Home Whitening is proven to whiten smiles up to 9 shades with only 3 minutes of wear a day for two weeks – that’s a total treatment time of only 42 minutes!

take home

Sapphire is synonymous with sensitivity-free
You can rely on the Sapphire name to deliver quick results without sensitivity. In a recent clinical study no patient complained of whitening sensitivity! Researchers were amazed!

Patient compliance is a breeze!
With the 3 minute wear time patients will be able to quickly and easily whiten their teeth. Choose between either the 22% or 32% concentration in mint or fruit flavors to leave your patients smiles comfortably radiant.

Universal appeal
Quick, convenient and sensitivity-free Sapphire Home Whitening is a pleasant option for your regular recall patients and those with LUMINEERS or veneers. At home-whitening systems are proven to effect a color change on tooth structure underlying veneers1 making Sapphire Home Whitening the optimum choice for any patient.

1Haywood, VB., Parker, MH. Nightguard vital bleaching beneath existing porcelain veneers: a case report. Quintessence Int. 1999 Nov; 30(11):743-7.

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