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Tooth Bonding Aligns Gorgeous Smiles

Anne Hathaway’s million dollar smile is a dream, but not impossible with cosmetic dentistry as realized by Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen; featured amongst top 10 spots for best smiles by OK!

Battling our own toothy debacles of decays and cavities, cracks and chips, discolouration, close spaces in between tooth and gum erosion, is definitely not an easy task.

But, help is at hand with tooth bonding – a technique wherein a tooth-colored resin is applied and hardened with special UV light. The clear plastic resin material or ‘matrix’ is placed between the tooth being treated and its neighbouring tooth which then ‘bonds’ with it.   

Tooth bonding dentists in Forest Hills also advocates the process as a cosmetic alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Popular as ‘matrix’ bonding, the process protects a portion of the tooth’s root that is exposed due to eroding gums.

The process requires about 30 to 60 minutes for bonding each tooth.  Dentist further trim, shape and polish the bonded tooth to match its sheen with the rest of the tooth surface.

Care for your bonded teeth follows the same regular daily routine of brushing and flossing and professional cleaning at least twice in the year. Dentists in Forest Hills advice on avoiding excessive smoking or drinking to prevent staining bonded tooth.

Be cautious of whitening your bonded tooth following treatments. Composite bonding can help darken tooth but, whitening should be done prior to bonding which helps to choose a resin shade that can uniformly match the rest of your teeth.

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